About Oraymee

Oraymee is the top source for niche fashion designs in the offline, digital and social space, with dedicated shoppers and Influential audience around the world.

Oraymee is the only brand that creates Reasonably Priced, Contemporary, Luxurious and Comfortable niche Products that makes a Lavish, Powerful Statement worldwide at Insanely Low Prices.

Oraymee is not a Whim, Oraymee is a product of experience. We should not spend obscene amounts of money buying top notch, well made products. This should not be so, and as such, we set out to fix it and we have fixed it by offering Oraymee niche products at Insanely Low Prices.

We basically have about four choices when it comes to shopping – Buy Cheap, Buy Poorly Made, Spend A Little More to Get A Piece with a Slight Cosmetic Upgrade, and or Spend an Uncomfortable Amount to Buy from The Luxury Super Powers. If you like to look good and buy well, these are not good choices.

With the power of Modern Technology, we have gotten rid of middlemen and their markups to directly deliver World-Class, Top Notch, Well Made products, rivaling those of Top Brands (but of same or better quality), all at Attainable and Insanely low prices.

To fulfill the needs of the modern buyer, we have developed a unique combination of colours and materials. We only work with  extraordinary, exclusive and premium partner factories in the world and together, we create Fairly Priced, Bold, Beautiful, Modern, Comfortable niche Products, using the finest of materials and craftsmanship.

After years of planning, development and many hours touring factories, developing styles, and choosing materials, Oraymee niche Products are finally here.

When you receive your first Oraymee product(s), the Quality and Comfort will be clear to you.

We hope you love Oraymee and truly enjoy your shopping experience with us.