Community Guidelines

Welcome To The World Of Oraymee
These guidelines can be used for the following networks FacebookTwitterInstagram,
Pinterest, and Linkedin.

Mission Statement
As a privately owned business with a worldwide presence, we are honoured to interact with our community and nurture the art of excellence and innovation with the highest respect for tradition.

On Oraymee’s social platforms, we invite you to enjoy information about our happenings, new collections, events and commitments, and to get access to exclusive content designed for our community. We encourage you to share your experience with our brand.

The below commitments intend to reassure everyone that their rights and their freedom are a major concern on Oraymee’s social media platforms.

Our Commitments
Respecting Everyone’s Passion
On our social media platforms, you have the right to express your opinion and passion. However, this freedom of speech is limited by a certain number of rules.

On our social media platforms, the following behaviours will be valuable reason to delete a comment:
1. Promoting products or services and every other content or link considered as a spam.
2. Expressing defamatory opinions about Oraymee or a third party.
3. Encouraging hatred or discrimination, whether racial, social, sexual, religious or political.
4. Using an insulting, vulgar, or harassing vocabulary and or language.

Users will also be banned, without prior notice, if they regularly share content considered degrading both for the Community and Oraymee. Arguing with users, pestering or harassing users, insulting or other offenses are behaviours for which users are subjected to banishment from our platforms.

Providing Content Fuelled By Passion And Excellence
We also ensure that the content we share with you is reliable and will never be deceptive: It is one of our most important commitments.

Interaction Policy
We respect our community and our policy is to foster open dialogue with our audience and address your inquiries. However, we cannot commit to providing an answer to each and every question.

We do not reveal product prices and references on our social media platforms unless our social media shops like our Facebook Shop. Pricing of our products may vary from country to another, therefore, if you have any question(s) on this subject, we kindly ask you to contact

Personal Data We hereby assure that Oraymee will not, in any case, use, users’ personal information for any commercial purpose.