Corporate Customers

Make It Meaningful, give out branded products that grows customers and or workers relationship

How Oraymee for Corporate Customers Works
(a) Sign Up and Receive a Sample – Provide some basic information about your business and receive a sample.
(b) Access Bulk Discounts – Receive exclusive corporate discounts off of your purchase.
(c) Customize a Design – Incorporate your brand and or add a personalized message for your customers and or workers.

Stand Out from the Crowd – The Oraymee brand isn’t just any brand, but a Reasonably Priced, Good Quality and Comfortable brand that makes a Lavish, Powerful Statement worldwide at Insanely Low Prices. Use our products to show your customers and or workers how important they are to you by sending them the most uniquely made products.

Leave a Lasting Impression – Your customers and or workers will display your branded gifts on their desk, talk about your gift with friends and family, and most importantly remember and appreciate you for sending them such a unique, surprising, and delightful gift.

Customize with Your Brand – Keep your personal brand top of the minds of your customers and or workers by personalizing your gifts items with your Logo, Image and or Contact Information.

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