Doing Good

Oraymee Doing Good – Donation Request
Oraymee is on a mission to create magical moments. We care about giving back to the community, creating meaningful connections, and inspiring people to do more for others. In keeping with our mission, we are happy to donate a percentage of our product sales to qualified organizations, schools, communities etc., that makes a positive impact through our Doing Good program.

Our engagement efforts related to these areas create meaningful and magical connections that drive social and environmental improvement activities.

Criteria For Donation
1. The organization receiving the donation must be a Non-profit and or Charitable Organization.
2. As a global brand and in order to comply with our core company values, we do not offer donations to the following types of organizations and or entities: (a) Political Parties, Associations, and Representatives of Advocacy Groups. (b) Organizations that discriminate by Race, Creed, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, Religion, National Origin, Disability etc. (c) Religious organizations, Churches and Programs that are purely denominational in purpose.

Request Process
Requests are reviewed on a rolling basis and we recommend submitting your request 6-8 weeks prior to your Event and or Occasion. Only approved requests will receive further communication.

Please, use the form below to contact us for further talks. Thank you.