FAQ – Product Personalization

Is Engraving/Monogramming Available On Oraymee?
Oraymee is pleased to offer engraving and monogramming services. You may select your preferred method; however, for certain items, our experts have determined in advance the most appropriate technique and locations for your personalization.

Need To Know
Engraving/Monogramming is a traditional design that personalizes an item with the owner’s initials. Oraymee engraving/monogramming is machine engraved for a one-of-a-kind, heirloom effect.

Oraymee uses technology to create lettering, consistently replicating our most popular styles. Three letters minimum and between five to ten letters maximum.

Engraving Styles
Items ordered on Oraymee.com may be engraved/monogrammed with up to ten initials maximum in one of our most popular styles: Block, Roman, Script, French Script and Italic Roman. Engraving/monogramming is done in either Uppercase or Lowercase letters.

Please, note that engraved/monogrammed items may not be returned or exchanged. Please, allow an additional 3-7 days for delivery of engraved items.

Can I Have A Non-Oraymee Items Engraved/Monogrammed At Oraymee?
Oraymee only services merchandise hallmarked Oraymee.

May I Return An Engraved Item?
Unfortunately, engraved items cannot be returned.

Where Will The Item Be Engraved?
The optimal placement for engraving/monogramming will be decided by our engravers with your own inputs as well.

How Will I Know If An Item Available On Oraymee.com Can Be Engraved?
Almost all the items on oraymee.com can be engraved/monogrammed. If an item that may be engraved is added to your Shopping cart, you will have a chance to input engraving instructions during the order processing.