How It Is Made

How Are Oraymee Custom Clothings Made?
Custom made products via the internet. How does it work? The Purchase and process step by step.

How Does The Tailoring And Purchasing Process Work For A Made To Measure Product?

Let Us Explain How Our System Works

Online Order Received In Our Factory
Your order will be received and reviewed by our skilled workers in one of our most exclusive and premium partner factories in the world after you have completed the customization process of your product.

Validation Of All The Sizes And Details
Our skilled workers then validates the sizes and details in order to check if all details are correct and matches specifications.

Material Cutting
Our skilled workers cut the raw materials into size based on the order type.

Our Skilled Workers Starts Working On The Materials
In order to create your exclusive and customized product, our skilled workers handwrites your sizes over the materials before cutting. No product we make is the same as others.

Materials Cut Are Sent To The Different Production Units
The materials cut are sent to the different production units with the detailed order so our skilled workers can start working on your unique piece.

Your Custom Clothes Made
After cutting the raw materials into size and sending them to the skilled worker, the cut pieces are put together in order to create your exclusive and customized product.

Custom Products Are Sent To Our Sorting Center
Finished products are sent over to our sorting center for quality test before sending them to you. We validate the product to be sure the sizes, fabrics, leathers etc., are correct and we also check if there is tear or defect.

The Custom Products Are Ironed And Or Polished
Your custom products are ironed if they are items of clothing or polished if they are leather products before they are packed. We want you to receive your custom products properly taken care of.

The Custom Products Are Packed
Your custom products are packed in quality packaging materials as the case may be to stop humidity during the long trip to your location.

Your Custom Products Are Sent
Your custom products are sent to you to enjoy them as soon as possible.