Shopping On Oraymee

How To Shop On Oraymee?
Orders can be placed on our website anytime of the day. You must be at least 18 years old to place an order on Oraymee. You must also provide a shipping and billing address for your product deliveries.

When you are finished shopping, click on “Shopping bag or Cart” to place your order. You may also edit your order at this time. When you are happy with your order, proceed to checkout.

To save time the next time you shop, you can choose to save your credit card details on our secure server, so you won’t have to enter them every time you check out. For more information go to Payments.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email confirmation. An additional email will be sent to notify you that your order has shipped with a tracking link to trace your order.

Prices And Shipping Charges
The prices displayed on our website includes local sales tax and shipping costs. All our products ships free worldwide, regardless of the size or weight of your order. If we are unable to deliver your order in full and have to make more than one delivery, there will be no additional charge for the subsequent deliveries. For more information go to Shipping and Handling.