Soft And Striped - The World’s Softest Dress

Soft And Striped – The World’s Softest Dress

Let me introduce you to the world’s softest dress. I am not kidding you – it’s like the inside of a sweatshirt but all over. It’s perfect for right now, where it’s sunny but still kind of chilly, (or if you are up north where it’s still very chilly, it’s warm and can work for different seasons!). Plus, to be honest – I’ve received 3 compliments today on this dress and It’s only 11 am. That might be a new record. Okay, so technically one was from my mom – so that’s a given and the other 2 were from complete strangers.

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Also I need to learn to take a compliment when strangers compliment something I’m wearing. Instead I give them the complete rundown of the piece – I told those strangers today it was from Nordstrom, it’s super soft and fits true to size. Needless to say, they did not accept my offer to meet up for lunch.

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Seriously though, this dress is amazingly soft. It’s all I want to wear lately. It was a great travel dress as well (but with flats).

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