Why Custom Made

Oraymee believes a unique wardrobe should be accessible to everyone.

Our Mission Is Simple: To give people the freedom to choose their own style and reveal their personality through what they wear, every day and at an affordable price.

Made To Measure
The main benefit of custom made fashion product is it fits you like a glove. You can forget about sizes since you only need to undergo the measuring process once.

When we have your perfect fit, your next custom fashion piece can be manufactured with the same measurements, eliminating the need for another round of measurement unless there is a need for new measurements.

Personal Touch
When creating a custom wardrobe, you can personalize everything from the choice of fabric to the leather and colour etc. Everything is created based on your specific preferences like Styling, Sizing and Materials.

High-Quality Standards
At Oraymee we rely on the expertise of our skilled workers in order to deliver high-quality products.

The introduction of laser cut technology in our manufacturing facilities has taken the reliability of measurements and fit of our products to a superior level.