Why Oraymee?

Our products and services are of the highest quality, created by the same school of highly skilled technical specialists, using the same superior raw materials and techniques, employed by well-known high-end and premium world brands. Yet we can offer you our premium products to rival these world’s known brands at a fraction of their price.

“That’s awesome!” you say – But how do we do that?

Well, we simply cut out the middlemen and sell our products at “Insanely Low Prices”. By ‘middlemen’ we mean the layers of companies, agents and individuals employed by factories, premium brands and manufacturers to purchase raw materials, manage suppliers and sell their products in overtly opulent retail stores. All of these people and their bills need to be paid and these extra costs are passed on to you, the customer.

We disrupt the traditional, outdated business model to create a brand that is centred around you. We design, manufacture, package and ship our products ourselves in partnership with selected factories and service providers which are the same used by world-class designers, manufacturers, brands and businesses.

In addition, we deliver our products from our high-tech logistics facility direct to your door. This results in a more straightforward, more efficient process, allowing us to pay our manufacturers better and ensure that our customers pay a price that cannot be beaten anywhere else the world over.

We do not mass produce, we take time to craft and put our products together because we consider them works of art and we offer unique design pieces in very small quantities.